Dr trust smart talking BP monitor

Dr Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital BP Monitor

As hypertension or blood pressure issues are getting common these days, you need to upgrade yourself to catch up with the flow of the trending technologies to keep the blood pressure levels under control. Most of the hypertensive patients are using dibital blood pressure monitors to track their BP levels daily or weekly basis and keep it under control.

Dr Trust has come up with a unique blood pressure machine called Dr Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital BP Machine. It works on the fuzzy algorithm to prevent over pumping and give accurate results.

Quick Verdict

Dr Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital BP Machine

If you are planning to buy a blood pressure machine for yourself or your parents, you can trust Dr Trust Smart talking Automatic BP Machine. For elderly people, it is difficult to cope up with the latest trending technologies, hence for them, this model works well as the readings will be displayed on the screen just by tapping the switch ON/OFF button. Apart from that, but the machine also dictate the BP reading as it comes with the smart talking feature. It also has an indicator (in the form of red, yellow and green) which shows whether the measured blood pressure is safe or not according to the WHO indicator.

Features such as accurate results with Measurement During Inflation(MDI) Technology, large LCD display, and talking feature has made this model a much better and smarter blood pressure machine in this range.

  • Fully automatic and accurate
  • MDI Technology
  • Talking Feature
  • USB Compatibility and Storage facility
  • WHO complaint norms
  • Provides a digital thermometer absolutely free with the product

Product Overview

Dr Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital BP Machine is one of the most popular blood pressure monitoring machines. It is an upper arm BP monitor that uses Measurement During Inflation (MDI) technology and controls cuff inflation very comfortably to gives results in a matter of seconds. It also works on the advanced Fuzzy Algorithm that enables precise measurements and accurate results. Apart from this, it has an irregular hypertension indicator and irregular pulse indicator along with a WHO indicator that categorises your blood pressure as per WHO’s norms.

Top Features

1) Brand

Among all the blood pressure machines, doctors across the world prefer Dr Trust brand for their accuracy and the activeness in implementing the latest technology in their products. Dr. Trust machines come up with optimum built quality and are based on latest technologies which makes them more favourable to the doctors.

2) Accuracy

The error margin for this machine is very less as compared to other blood pressure machines in this range. It delivers an accurate measurement with MDI technology. You easily get Systolic pressure, Diastolic pressure and Pulse rate by just tapping ON/OFF switch in just a fraction of seconds.

3) Display

Display section is one of the most important feature for the customers. Display of this machine comes with an extra large display and high quality zebra lights that makes the digits more clear to be read easily. Also, on the display section, it has a hypertension indicator (green, yellow, red light) which follows WHO’s norms and lets you know whether your BP is normal, moderate or high.

4) Conical Cuff

Whether you have large or small biceps, you need not to worry at all as the machine has a universal conical cuff whose circumference has a wide range of 22-42cm which easily fits your upper arm. The cuff should be placed carefully as per the given instructions for more accurate results. As it works on the MDI technology, measurements during inflation are more comfortable.

5) Size & Portability

The total dimension of the product is 16 x 12 x 10 cm and has a weight of around 500 gms (including batteries). This sleek design not only gives a perfect look with a large LCD display but is also highly portable in nature.

6) Micro USB & Battery

The machine runs on 4 “AA” batteries with long lasting times. Apart from this, you can also power the machine with a USB cord connected from a laptop or through a mobile charger. Like other BP machines, you don’t have to buy any extra AC adapter.

7) Talking Feature

This feature makes it far better than any other product. It is a unique feature that gives more value to the product as it is useful for elderly people who have a poor eyesight. It can dictate the blood pressure in the language of your choice. Also, if you feel it is not required, you have an option to mute it.

8) Irregular Heartbeat Detection

Dr Trust smart talking automatic digital bp machine has got an advanced feature that includes auto power off and low battery indicator that works through a push button present on the device. Other than this, it shows a symbol that indicates irregular blood pressure and also indicates irregular pulse rate. In both the cases, one should consult a doctor if it persists after two to three consecutive measurements.

10) Device Storage / Memory

The BP machine can store upto 250 readings. Apart from this, you can also add the number of users group wherein different users can save their readings separately making it hassle free for multiple users. So, in case you add 2 users group, 2*125 readings can be stored. Once your storage gets full, you can clear it by following the instructions as provided in the user’s manual.

11) Warranty

Dr Trust Smart Talking automatic digital blood pressure monitor comes up with a 5 years extended warranty.

9) Price

Different online sites come up with different price tags. You can check the best rate on Amazon as its comparatively less with respect to the other sites.

Additional Features

  • Pulse Measurement Rate           : 40 to 180 beats/min
  • Pulse Measurement Accuracy   : ±5% of display reading
  • Blood Pressure Accuracy           3 mmHg
  • Display Mode                               : LCD Digital Display
  • Type of Device                             Upper Arm
  • Cuff Circumference                     : 22-42 cm
  • ASIN                                             : B08CHH9YD8
  • Manufacturer                               Dr Trust
  • Measurement Mode                    Fuzzy Logic Algorithm
  • Technology                                   MDI Technology
  • Cuff/Tube Material                      Nylon, Polyester, polyvinyl chloride
  • Rating                                           DC6V 4W
  • Battery Life                                  Approx 1000 measurements
  • Electrical Shock Protection        : Internally powered ME  equipment
  • Battery Powered Mode              : 4 “AA” Batteries 1.5V

Error Messages


  • Fully automatic BP machine
  • Works on MDI technology
  • Dual talking feature in English and Hindi language
  • Uses advanced fuzzy algorithm to prevent over pumping and give superb accuracy
  • Detects heart beat and pulse irregularities
  • 5 years extended warranty


  • You have to save your Amazon invoice and register on the manufacturer website to get the extended five-year warranty.


Final Verdict

Dr Trust is one of the most trusted brand in the market with its healthcare unit and clinical apparatus. Dr Trust Smart Talking Automatic Digital BP Machine has made breakthrough sales all across the world due to its amazing features discussed above. Considering all these features in this budget, it is a fair deal. So if you are looking to buy a blood pressure machine, this one is among the best in the lot.

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